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Here is a list of general Native American symbolism. Please
keep in mind that meanings vary greatly between tribes and
this list simply an overview of animal and symbol imagery.

Alligator- Stealth, Survival
Ant- Patience, Diligence and Work
Antelope- Taking Action
Armadillo- Boundaries, Self Protection
Badger- Aggressiveness, Passion and Drive
Bat- Death and Rebirth on Personal, Spiritual Level
Bear- Gentle Strength, Introspection and Dreaming
Beaver- Building, Accomplishing Goals
Bee- Service, Gathering, Community
Bird- Unity, Freedom, Community
Buffalo- Abundance, Survival Needs Met, Good Fortune, Healing
Butterfly- Self Transformation, Balance, Grace
Bumblebee- Honesty, Pure Thinking, Willingness and Drive
Caribou- Travel and Mobility
Cougar-  Power, Swiftness, Balance
Coyote-  "The Trickster" , Humor, Charm, Folly of Self-Deception and Survival
Crane- Water, End of Summer, Migration
Cricket- Singing, Spring, Fertility
Crow- Sacred Law, Gateway To Supernatural, Shape Shifting, Illusion
Deer- Gentleness, Compassion and Kindness
Dog- Protection and Loyalty
Dolphin- Joy, Harmony, Intelligence, Self Connection
Dove- Love, Gentleness and Kindness
Dragonfly- Dream time, Illusion, Spring, Water
Dolphin- Life Force, Rhythm and Breath
Eagle- Spirit Connection to Higher Realms, Courage
Elk- Stamina, Pride, Power, Majesty
Feather- Spirit
Firefly- Communication, Illumination
Fish- Water, Current, Flow of Life From the Earth
Fox- Camouflage, Adaptability and Integration
Frog- Fluidity, Water and Rain, Cleansing and Tears
Goat- Tenacity, Diligence
Goose- Safe Return, Love of Home
Hawk- Strength, Foresight, Truth
Hedgehog- Self Preservation
Heron- Patience, Grace
Horse- Physical and Spiritual Power, Carrier Of Burdens
Hummingbird- Pure Love and Joy, Celebration of Life
Ladybug- Delight, Trust
Lion- Pride, Nobility, Cunning, Courage
Lizard- Dreaming, Foresight, Ancient Secrets
Loon- Peace, Tranquility, Generosity
Lynx- Keeper of Mystical Secrets
Mole -  Protector (Directional Animal) and hunter of the lower region, the
Moose- Self Esteem, Assertiveness
Mountain Lion- Wisdom and Balance in Leadership
Mouse- Scrutiny, Attention to Detail
Opossum - Strategy and Diversion
Otter- Earth and Water, Balanced Feminine Energy
Owl- Clairvoyance, Magic, Astral Projection
Parrot Feather- Bringer of Essential Rain and Seed
Peacock- Recognition, Self Assurance, Pride
Pelican- Abundance, Plenty
Pheasant- Warning, Concealment
Porcupine- Gentle Innocence and Trust
Quail- Protectiveness, Group Harmony
Rabbit- Fear, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Raccoon- Curiosity, Inquisitiveness
Ram- Strength, Determination
Raven- Bringer of Magic and Light, Creation and Knowledge
Roadrunner- Speed, Agility
Salmon- Dependability and Renewal
Sandpiper- Foraging, Scavenging, Quickness
Scorpion- Defense, Self Protection, Biting Truth
Seagull- Carefree Attitude, Versatility, Freedom
Seal- Inquisitiveness, Organization, Contentment
Snake- Transmutation, Life Cycles
Skunk- Reputation, Respect, Caution
Snail- Perseverance, Determination
Snake- Power, Life Force, Sexual Potency
Spider- Weaving, Symbolism
Squirrel- Gathering, Preparation, Thrift
Swan- Grace, Surrender to the Universal Plan
Tadpole- Fertility and Renewal, Transformation
Turkey- Give Away, Sacrifice of Self and Others
Turtle- Mother Earth, Protection
Weasel- Stealth, Information Gathering
Whale- Historical Record Keeper, Traveler, Guardian
Wolf- Teacher of New Ideas and Wisdom, Intense Loyalty withBalance of
Woodpecker- Change, Persistence
Native American Symbolism

American Indians have used
fetishes throughout recorded
history; especially the Indians of
the Southwest. A fetish is an
object which is believed to have
magic powers.

Fetishes may be of any form or
material.  Their paramount
purpose is to assist man
against any real or potential
problems.  The problems can
be those of the mind, the body,
or the universe.

A fetish must be properly cared
for, fed and admired.  Fetishes
are believed to feed on
cornmeal while they are kept in
a special pot or pouch.  Ground
turquoise is often mixed with the
cornmeal.  After a fetish is
carved, they are often
decorated with arrowheads,
turquoise, coral, etc. as a
means of adornment.  This
adornment is a slow of affection
and appreciation by its owner or
maker.  The better treatment a
fetish receives, the better
performance it is likely to

Most fetishes relate to animals
of prey who are acknowledged
as the most powerful providers
of life.  They are generally
admired for their strong hearts.  
Many believe the strong heart
makes them dominant and
therefore survivors; the hunter
rather than the hunted.

The Zuni Indians believe
strongly in six cardinal guardian
fetishes; badger, bear,
mountain lion, wolf, mole and
the eagle.

The power, strength and
courage of a fetish is obtained
by placing the nostrils of the
fetish to one's moth and taking
deep breaths.
Medicine Bundles
Tied to the backs of most fetishes are Medicine Bundles which are made from an assortment of shells,
feathers, carved stone shapes, antlers and small pieces of various stones.  These bundles are bound
tightly to the animal carving with sinew.  When coral is used it represents all life in the ocean.  Blue
stones represent birds of the sky, while black stones represent the life of the night.  Brown stones stand
for the things of the earth and white for winter.  The Macaw feather represent all the color of the earth
and sky.  These fetish carvings, with the medicine bundles, are traditionally Pueblo.  They are wrapped
carefully in the manner in which they have been made for hundreds of years.
Heart Line
Some fetishes wear a line of inlaid stone in the shape of an arrow.
This arrow is called the lifeline or heart line.  It begins at the
mouth where breath gives life and points to the soul (spirit) where
faith and inner strength preside.